Diverse body of work.

Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of contributing to the improvement of millions of lives through my work at Yahoo, Cisco, and Symantec. Here, I've curated a collection of some of my favorite projects, each representing a unique challenge or creative idea.

My journey in product design spans across diverse platforms, including mobile, desktop, and kiosks. Within these projects, you'll find a rich tapestry of design disciplines, including UI/UX, Branding, Spatial Design, Design Systems and Design Ops.

Every design you'll explore here is the result of thoughtful craftsmanship, dedicated time, and a commitment to quality. They are not only aesthetically pleasing but also designed with usability and clarity in mind.

I invite you to dive into this portfolio, where you'll discover the embodiment of my passion for design and my dedication to creating meaningful, user-centric experiences. Each project is a testament to the artistry of design and its potential to impact the world.

Hwy Haul

Leadership · Research · Design · SaaS
Hwy Haul

Strategy · Leadership · Research · Design 
Yahoo Halo

Research · Storytelling · Conversation Design 
Yahoo Mail

Leadership · Research · Design · Prototyping
Adis Technologies

Research · Strategy · Branding · Product Design
Yahoo Groups

Leadership · Research · Design · Prototyping · Systems
Hwy Haul

Strategy · Leadership · Research · Branding · Product Design · Creative Direction · Design Systems
Yahoo Search

Strategy · Leadership · Research · Design · Systems

Strategy · Leadership · Research · Design 
Pekos Hospitality

Leadership · Brand Design · UX Design · Art Direction
Cookbook Design

Print Design · Graphic Design · Art Direction
PACS Programme

Graphic Design · Art Direction
Hwy Haul

Brand Strategy · Brand Architecture · Visual Identity
Hwy Haul

Strategy · Leadership · Research · Design · Systems

Branding · Graphic Design · Art Direction

Leadership and Design Practice

See my approach.

In design leadership, I emphasize three pillars: building a strong foundation, fostering excellence through processes, and prioritizing people. I've successfully guided teams in these areas, consistently achieving outstanding results.