I am Vilas, a design leader and practitioner residing in California alongside my wife Shilpa, daughter Saee, son Sahil and our black shorthair Cherry. Growing up as a farmer's son in India, I found my inspiration for design through my father. The seed of design was sown as I watched him meticulously space fruit trees in grids, allowing both plants to flourish and farmworkers to navigate efficiently. My passion for creating beautiful, functional forms by organizing elements solidified when I began assisting my uncle during high school, hand typesetting movable metal type for various letterpress print jobs. This experience sparked my interest, leading me to delve into the realms of printing technology and graphic design.

Fast forward to the present; I've had a successful journey as a Design Leader and Practitioner, impacting millions of lives with the products I've designed. My achievements include managing high-performing teams and guiding companies such as Yahoo, Cisco, Symantec and several startups towards success through a blend of business acumen and design strategy. My core philosophy revolves around prioritizing the "human" element in our product development process. I am on a mission to foster a positive culture, enabling us to collaboratively craft outstanding product experiences while making a meaningful impact on the business.

My native village Tudaye, India

In my leisure hours away from design projects, I delight in cooking, sketching, painting, and visiting with my family in India.

Vada Pav is a popular vegetarian fast food from Maharashtra, India. It features a deep-fried potato dumpling in a split bread bun, served with chutneys and a chili pepper.
Kolkata Kathi Roll is a renowned Indian street food from Kolkata, West Bengal, featuring layered paratha filled with grilled kebabs, chutney, and veggies.
Art inspired from hair strands
Water Color
Poster Color
Simple, rustic life in my native village