Pekos Hospitality

Reimagining Restaurant Dining Experience

Leadership · Naming · Branding · UI/UX Design · Art Direction

Pekos is an innovative restaurant operating system designed to transform the dining experience for both restaurant owners and customers. The system integrates with various restaurant functions, such as the kitchen, reception/billing, and customer tables, enabling establishments to offer impeccable hospitality at scale. For diners, Pekos offers a customer-facing touch app that simplifies the ordering process, allows for customization, and enables bill payment – all through a convenient tablet interface.


Meeting Evolving Customer Expectations Pekos aimed to help restaurants meet the ever-changing expectations of their guests, enhancing the overall dining experience and increasing customer loyalty.

Modernizing Payment Processes The platform sought to modernize the payment process, making every transaction easier, more secure, and efficient for both restaurants and customers.

Data-Driven Insights Pekos recognized the value of data in understanding customer behavior and preferences, with the goal of delivering more meaningful and personalized dining experiences.

Naming and Branding

Creating a distinctive brand

Choosing the right name and creating a distinct brand identity was crucial. After exploring various options, 'Pekos' emerged as the chosen name. This name was derived from 'Peko,' an ancient Estonian and Finnish god associated with crops, particularly barley and brewing – making it a fitting choice for a restaurant-oriented brand.

For the brand identity, I took the unique approach of incorporating design elements. I extended the stem of the letter 'k' in 'Pekos' creatively to resemble the stem of a wine glass and a fork, symbolizing the essence of food and dining. This creative touch added a strong recall value to the brand, making it synonymous with the dining experience.

UI/UX Design

Extending the real-world restaurant warmth to the app

To create an engaging and intuitive user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), I opted for a Skeuomorphic design style. While the prevailing trend was leaning toward flat design, I chose Skeuomorphism for two key reasons.

First, it allowed Pekos to stand out in a market saturated with flat designs, making it distinctive and memorable. Second, the goal was to ensure that the app felt like an extension of the real-world warmth and ambiance of the restaurants it served.

The design incorporated tactile elements such as textures, lighting and shadows, dimensions, and a focus on real-world application. This choice aimed to replicate the warmth and authenticity of a restaurant's physical ambiance within the digital space.

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