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In my role as a VP of Design and User Experience within Hwy Haul, an early stage Silicon Valley startup, I witnessed firsthand how the power of design transformed our fledgling venture into a thriving success story. Design was not merely an afterthought but a critical driver of our journey. It significantly enhanced our user experience, forged a distinctive brand identity, nurtured innovation, streamlined our operations, captivated investors, fueled customer growth and loyalty, and endowed us with the agility needed to navigate a dynamic market landscape. This narrative underscores how harnessing the potential of design can be the cornerstone of a startup's enduring triumph.

Brand Design
Elevating the Brand: From Ordinary to Unforgettable

As part of my initial responsibilities, I evaluated Hwy Haul's brand image and devised a differentiation strategy vis-à-vis competitors. Furthermore, I concentrated on creating a robust brand identity, which not only lent a professional appearance but also increased the memorability of our products. This involved redesigning our logo, formulating brand guidelines, and implementing the new design across all our marketing materials. Ultimately, I successfully crafted a distinct brand identity, established a brand strategy, and set UX and design guidelines for both the company and its product sub-brands.

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Product Design
Revitalizing User Experience: Transforming Chaos into Clarity

The next task was to assess our products' user experience (UX). It was clear that we needed a major overhaul. The interfaces were cluttered, navigation needed to be clearer, and there needed to be consistent design language. Users were getting frustrated, and the startup struggled with customer adoption and engagement.

We established a uniform user experience for desktop and mobile platforms by redesigning all the products for our drivers, carriers, shippers, and brokers from the ground up. 

Shipper App

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Design System

Consistency. Efficiency. Scalability. 

Created a design system to build consistent, efficient and scalable experiences and unite product teams around a common visual language. It reduced design debt, accelerated the design process, and built bridges between teams working together to bring products to life. 

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Team Building and Collaboration

Built and nurtured a team of designers, product managers, FE engineers, and marketing to build the most advanced digital freight management platform, delivering exceptional experiences for diverse users while fostering a positive culture.

Investor Relations

Attracting Investors with Enhanced Product and Branding

With the improved product and branding, we began to attract the attention of investors. A well-designed pitch deck, supported by a visually appealing and functional product, instilled confidence in potential backers. We secured the funding needed to scale our operations and reach a broader audience.


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