Adis Technologies

Branding a startup for global reach.

Adis, an early-stage startup, approached me during a time of significant change. They had a successful product in India for digital animal tagging and needed a global rebrand. The brand and the product I redesigned transformed them from an Indian cattle management company to a global platform for managing all animals, shifted their perspective from local to global, and emphasized a people-centered approach over technology.

Leadership · Strategy · Research · Design · Branding

Brand Design

Crafting a Multifaceted Brand Identity

I began by defining the brand's core values, mission, and vision, providing a solid foundation for the identity. This involved crafting a versatile brand identity suitable for a diverse range of animals, expanding beyond just cattle. I selected primary and secondary colors that embody the brand, forming a comprehensive color palette. I carefully handpicked fonts and typography styles for use in a variety of materials. To maintain a consistent image, I established guidelines governing logo usage, including size restrictions, clear space, and presentation on different backgrounds. I also took great care in setting the kinds of imagery and photography that resonate with the brand's distinctive style.

Product Design

Creating a Versatile App for Diverse Markets

The app was required to serve a multi-faceted marketplace, catering to the needs of farmers, pet owners, financial institutions, and insurance companies. I worked on achieving product-market fit, aligning the company's offerings with the diverse requirements of these distinct audiences. To ensure global engagement, I localized the app to support multiple languages. I established navigation and visual hierarchies tailored to the preferences of each user category, and I emphasized simplicity in the interface design, enabling even farmers to complete tasks with minimal cognitive effort.

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